Daylily 5×7

Things are finally starting to bloom – can’t wait for my daylilies to get going.


Magnolia 5×7

Trying to get back into the swing. I have some larger pieces I’m itching to start but I’ll try to keep making small paintings to keep it flowing while the larger pieces are being drawn.


I decided to frame and hang two 5×7 paintings I did of white flowers from the 30 in 30 challenges. After I hung them, I decided there needed to be four so I painted a poppy and a daisy and got two more frames. Pretty happy with how well they look together.

My theme this time is Mountains

Red Peonies – 11×14

I can’t decide if the dark background was the best choice. Soon, I think I’ll make two small similar paintings and do a dark background on one, and a light background on the other. And take a pic of one with just the white background. See which seems like the best way to go.


Orange daylily 8×10

I was organizing my painting space after the challenge (because I’m a messy worker bee)IMG_8817 and found this abandoned painting of a lily. No idea what caused me to discard it – it looked like it had possibilities. So I finished the flower and thought, what the heck, let’s play with the background.


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